Duncan Elliot is a life coach working out of Basingstoke in England. He particularly works with people who feel that there must be more to life and are willing to work at it, so that they can feel happier and more in control of their life. He offers life coaching in person, on the phone or via audio or video across the Internet. Click here to contact him.

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Force Four Life Coaching

Catch the wind in your sails!

I normally work with personal clients by phone or using online video calls through services such as Skype. I can offer face to face meetings in or around Basingstoke in Hampshire. Typically you will purchase a bundle of six sessions so that we can work through your goals in detail. However, I can also provide one-off consultations for specific issues, such as a wedding speech or a presentation that you are going to give.

I am here for you as you make changes to practically any aspect of your life.

I will explore with you the changes that you want to make and how you can make that happen.

I will challenge you to think big about your life: to reach for what you really want, not just what you think that you could get.

I will explore with you the things that really matter to you, so that any changes that you make are in line with your values.

I will encourage and support you as you work through the challenges and issues in your life.