Duncan Elliot is a life coach working out of Basingstoke in England. He particularly works with people who feel that there must be more to life and are willing to work at it, so that they can feel happier and more in control of their life. He offers life coaching in person, on the phone or via audio or video across the Internet. Click here to contact him.

Traumatised Children in Schools Seminar

This seminar is designed for those in schools who are working with children who have experienced trauma. This includes witnessing or experiencing domestic violence or neglect. Some of the children you are working with may still be experiencing such situations. Others will have been removed, through fostering, adoption or a change to their family, but will still experience the effects.

The seminar will help you to better understand how these children think and react to situations, and you will become more sensitive to them and their needs.

The course looks at:
The back story for these children
The brain matches patterns and its implications - associations and triggers
Areas of the curriculum that they may find difficult
Pre-verbal memories
Acting out and acting in
“Toxic shame”

I can run this seminar as a brief introduction to the issues, lasting approximately 30 minutes, which would be suitable for a staff meeting. Alternatively I can go deeper into the subject and look into different issues. This could be as part of an inset day, or similar staff training. Please
contact me to discuss your requirements.

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