Duncan Elliot is a life coach working out of Basingstoke in England. He particularly works with people who feel that there must be more to life and are willing to work at it, so that they can feel happier and more in control of their life. He offers life coaching in person, on the phone or via audio or video across the Internet. Click here to contact him.

My book Adopters - Heroes But Human is available from Amazon in Kindle format.  It's a book of encouragement.  I know how hard it is to bring up traumatised kids and the huge and sometimes unreasonable expectations we lay on ourselves.  We want to be superhumans for our kids but we're just normal, everyday people.  We do an incredible job and that makes us heroes, but we are still humans, and that's OK!

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Being the parent of a kid who has experienced trauma can be a huge ask. Many foster and adoptive parents walk through this daily, as do parents of kids who have spent lots of time in hospital and things like that. You do a great job! Here are some resources to help you do an even better one.