Duncan Elliot is a life coach working out of Basingstoke in England. He particularly works with people who feel that there must be more to life and are willing to work at it, so that they can feel happier and more in control of their life. He offers life coaching in person, on the phone or via audio or video across the Internet. Click here to contact him.

To reach your dreams;

To find what your dreams are;

If you’re too stressed to even think about your dreams;

If you’re stuck or confused in some area of your life;

If you want to work out what to do or where to go next in your life;

If you need support and encouragement to get to where you’re going.

I’d love to work with you:

If any of those describe you, contact me on +44 (0)7905 895495 or duncan@forcefourcoaching.com

Force Four Life Coaching

Catch the wind in your sails!

The one and only time that I went sailboarding, the wind carried me to the far end of the lake and I was stuck there. I'd paddle away from the shore, wobble to my feet, raise my sail and within seconds would be back at the shore again.

Other people skimmed across the surface of the lake. They'd learned to use the wind to get where they wanted to go, whilst I was totally at its mercy.

There are pressures all around us: work, family, the political or economic situation, and our thoughts and beliefs are but a few. Just as pressure in the atmosphere creates wind, so these pressures create winds in our lives. My goal is for my clients to catch the wind in their sails and to use it in their favour. As expert sailboarders can glide along seemingly even against the wind, so we can take control of our lives and situations whatever the circumstances.

Nick, Hampshire

It has been very helpful for me to be coached by Duncan. So often in my life I have just got on with it in terms of family and work. It was great to talk about it all with Duncan and then get to the real motives and issues that lie behind all of my actions. It has given me an impetus to actually do what I know I want to do and not be hemmed in by habit and inhibition. I look forward to more challenges and inspiration in the sessions to come.